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Our Customers' Success Stories

Stories of our customers' successful experiences with Mill Street Design's quality products are displayed randomly at the bottom of most pages on our site. The complete list of stories is available here. To add your own success story, contact your customer service representative.

Success Story #1: Laurel Museum, MD, had great success with two different coverlet designs. They then commissioned a brass replica of the museum in time for the holidays.

Success Story #2: St. Cecelia's School, FL, offered alumni both a coverlet and a brass replica at their class reunion. Both products were very well received.

Success Story #3: Pennsville Library, NJ, commissioned a coverlet of the town and followed it up with a pillow of the local Riverview Beach park. Both were great fundraisers for the library.

Success Story #4: Greater Martin Kiwanis, KY, had such success with their coverlet of the county that they decided to support the local high school by doing a school pillow.

Success Story #5: Hancock Woman's Club, ME, sold nearly 400 coverlets for their town, then commissioned a brass replica of bridge that was to be torn down. They sold 900 replicas.

Success Story #6: Victoria Public Library, VA, commissioned a coverlet for their town's anniversary. It did so well, they decided to feature the courthouse on a pillow. Another success!

Success Story #7: Lake Charles Kiwanis, LA, has commissioned a coverlet and three pillow designs from Mill Street Design to aid in their fundraising.

Success Story #8: St. Anne's Church, ND, was so pleased with their beautiful coverlet design that they commissioned a tapestry calendar for the year 2000.

Success Story #9: Oak Grove Baptist Church, GA, had so much success with a coverlet showing the history of their church that they also commissioned a ceramic replica.

Success Story #10: The Woman's Club of Monticello, IL, has sold over 350 coverlets in a town of 5,000, clearing over $5,000 in just a few months.

Success Story #11: St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Oxford, NC, sold 150 coverlets sight unseen, as many as 10 to one customer. To date, they've raised over $5,000.

Success Story #12: The Shenandoah National Park gift shop keeps a Mill Street Design coverlet in permanent stock. They've earned additional free coverlets by referring other customers.

Success Story #13: Sunny Lane United Methodist Church, Del City, OK, placed an ad in the community section of the local paper and sold 1000 coverlets. More than they ever expected!

Success Story #14: Two Utah teachers placed coverlet samples in boutiques and small shops throughout the state, along with a stack of flyers. Months later, they're still getting calls.

Success Story #15: Soda Springs, ID, celebrated their centennial with a Mill Street Design coverlet. With an extensive media campaign, they sold 1,200 in a town of 4,000.

Success Story #16: The Kiwanis Club in Dixon, IL, has earned many free coverlets to aid in their fundraising efforts by recommending Mill Street Design to 20 other service clubs.

Success Story #17: The Kiwanis Club in Poland, OH, has raised over $19,000 for college scholarships, local baseball teams, mentally handicapped children's needs, a food bank and other community causes.

Success Story #18: The Lions Club of Great Falls, VA, raised over $11,000 for their free Medical Locker, for programs for the sight and hearing impaired and for memorial scholarships.

Success Story #19: A graduating class from Frankford High School in Philadelphia, PA, commissioned a brass replica as a 50th reunion memento. It's now being used as a gift for visitors to the school.

Success Story #20: The museum dedicated to the works of noted Cherokee artist, Willard Stone, carries a coverlet depicting the artist's works. It's a popular keepsake for museum-goers.

Success Story #21: The Lompoc, CA Library has sold more than 600 coverlets depicting some of the famed outdoor murals of the town. No more bake sales!

Success Story #22: The Canadian Museum of Civilization has commissioned 5 different coverlets and two pillows depicting works from their collection or as mementos of exhibits.

Success Story #23: Her Majesty's Shoppe at the Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City, UT, used highly visible displays inside and outside the store to sell 65 coverlets during their 10 week season.

Success Story #24: Maren's gift shop in Chesapeake City, MD, offers to embroider a red star on their coverlet 'map' for tourists who want a memento of the places they've visited.

Success Story #25: The Scio Historical Museum and the Atwood Yacht Club Ladies Auxiliary of Scio, OH, displayed their two coverlets on a float in the local street fair parade and won first prize.

Success Story #26: The PTA in New Martinsville, WV, raised funds for a badly needed new student playground. Additional sales will be used to raise money for a new running track for the school.

Success Story #27: Music students at Horton District High School in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, raised money for a class trip. They sold 1,200 coverlets and were barely able to keep up with demand.

Success Story #28: The Hobart Development Corporation in Hobart, IN, used the money from sales of Mill Street Design coverlets to revitalize the lakefront area with beautiful parks.

Success Story #29: The city of Pekin, IL, matched the $6,000 donated by the Kiwanis Club to upgrade the local playground. Coverlet sales also bought infant car seats for low-income maternity patients.

Success Story #30: Gone Doggin', an internet shop for dog lovers, donated one of their Ultraweave coverlets to a Pug Breeders Club for their auction. That one coverlet raised $1000.

Customer Success Stories:

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